Saturday, March 10, 2007

Knit Purl Pass Out. . . . .

So, I took my knitting to the yarn shop so I could get help putting it together. When I found out my knitting guage was totally off! I made my sweater much to small. My head won't fit my arms wont fit my chest wont fit! I was in shock for about 30 minuets. . . . yah. So, I have decided to tear it down and make a purse out of it :) I don't know when im going to do that but I will! Im still working on my knitted shorts and my sweater. I also started crocheting a very cute head band out of some great sock yarn. My grandma inspired me with a shawl shes making for my cousin.

When life starts to get you down, beging to lift up the name of Jesus. See how the troubles fade away. He gives us peace. Amen.

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