Monday, March 5, 2007

First Knitted Sweater!

Ok, I finally finished knitting! The pattern came out of a Better Homes and Gardens Learn to Knit book. Not very interesting looking but I decided to do it because it was easy and I wanted the practice. Tomorrow I will head down to the local Yarn Shop( and get help on how to put it together! Yahh! I love the color and the yarn. Its wool and its quite soft. I forgot what is was called but I will find out. Look at how it turned out! :) Tell me what you think!

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Jen said...

Beautiful work!!! Wish, I had the patience & talent to do that sorta thing! So, when are you gonna open up your own shop?! Such talent should not be wasted ;) I want an autograph! I knew you had potential way back in Mrs. Coleman's Home Ec!!!! Love Ya - Jen